Coatesville and beyond – J. Rutter

Coatesville made a name for itself in 2011 when resident Kim Dotcom hit the headlines after a high profile Police raid on his rented property, the ‘ Dotcom Mansion’. Visitors still seek out Coatesville looking for photo opportunities on the driveway outside the Mansion, or a glimpse of the life size African animal sculptures grouped eerily on the hillside.

But there is far more to Coatesville than its most notorious resident. The village is only 10 minutes north of Albany, Auckland’s fastest growing suburb and a mecca for shopping (think large malls rather than small boutiques). A day trip to Coatesville has plenty to offer visitors.

Start with breakfast or a leisurely brunch at either Fernielea Café or Black Cottage Café, located side by side on the Coatesville Riverhead Highway. Both are recent award winners and are known for their friendly service as well as excellent café food. Fernielea is particularly popular with local families for its child friendly outside garden area complete with playground, trampoline and sandpit.

If you time your visit to Coatesville to coincide with the monthly Sunday market, you will be in for an extra treat. Although not a Farmer’s Market as such, there are delicious food stalls, craft offerings and second hand treasures to be found. The market is open on the first Sunday of every month (except January), from 10am to 2pm. Buy a coffee and enjoy wandering, exploring and experiencing the warm local culture of this rural community. Continue reading