About us

Megan Schrader – Managing Director

Megan Schrader, Managing Director

I am a kiwi. Not a small brown fluffy bird or a small brown furry fruit. I am a local, native New Zealander. I was born in New Zealand, and I come from New Zealand.

After living in Germany for nearly 20 years, I am still surprised by the warm and positive reactions I get from Germans when they notice my accent, and ask where I come from. When I explain that I come from New Zealand, the immediate response is nearly always a smile, followed by some explanation such as “I’ve always wanted to go there”, or “I have friends who emigrated there” or “My niece is doing a year’s school exchange there”. In all my time in Germany, I have never yet met anyone who has been to New Zealand and not been captivated by the natural beauty, the stunning landscapes, the unique wildlife and the relaxed friendly people there.

I do believe however that there are many different ways to experience New Zealand. There are many large tour operators who offer standard catalogue trips through New Zealand, claiming to show you the “Highlights of New Zealand” in 21 days. Clients booking with these large tour operators often end up feeling that they have missed out on the “real” New Zealand, and just get stuck on the main tourist track, following the queues of tourists in front of them. I believe that many travellers these days don’t want this mass-tourism approach to travel. If I travel myself, I always want to get advice from someone local, and avoid the main tourist traps. I want to go to those destinations and highlights that the locals visit, and to really get a feel for that country and its people. That is our mission at Koru Pacific Travel. We want to help you discover those lesser known parts of New Zealand – those places off-the-beaten-track – by offering you insider tips and local knowledge as to what to see and do. We have extensive contacts in New Zealand, and can organise unique accommodation and the best activities for you, run by passionate local New Zealanders.

I am also qualified as a “100% Pure New Zealand Specialist” – a qualification issued by the New Zealand Tourism Board only to those Travel Seller’s who have built up in-depth destination knowledge about New Zealand, and who also have access to the latest product updates.

Many of our clients plan their trip to New Zealand with the idea that because it is so far away, they will probably only go to New Zealand once. A large number of these clients come back to Germany, and tell us that they are definitely going again! No matter whether this is your first trip to New Zealand or not, I believe that when you are flying half way around the world, you should feel confident that you will have a fabulous trip, and that it will live up to all your expectations. Let Koru Pacific Travel help realise this dream! We can organise your flights, the right rental car to fit your needs, unique accommodation with local kiwis, the best activities and anything else you would like us to plan for you. We provide outstanding customer service before, during and after your holiday.  You can relax and just look forward to having an incredible experience in New Zealand. All you will need to do is pack your bags!


We offer tailor-made packages

We tailor-make each and every itinerary based on your individual requests and requirements. We want you to be doing exactly what you want to be doing on your holiday, which is why we plan your holiday for you, taking into account your wishes. Some clients want to see every corner of New Zealand, and don’t mind how far they drive each day. Other clients want to drive every second or third day, and for not more than 4 hours a day. Some clients want to walk for an hour or two every day. Some want to bike through as many vineyards as they can, collecting samples from everywhere they go. Some clients want to be active, but at their own pace, without being forced to keep up with fitter members of a group. We plan your trip so that you are doing exactly what you want, rather than asking you to choose from a set group of packages.

We offer expert, local advice and insider knowledge

I am a local, native New Zealander. I was born in New Zealand, and I come from New Zealand. I have travelled extensively throughout the country and its islands. It is still my home, despite the fact I am now living in Germany. My family and closest friends live scattered throughout New Zealand, and report back to me on all their new discoveries and favourite spots. I go back to New Zealand at least once a year, and make every effort to ensure that our clients see the real side of New Zealand – the destinations and highlights and activities that locals visit themselves, and recommend – and not just those places on the main tourist route.

We save you time and energy

Planning a holiday in New Zealand, with flights, stopovers, car rental, accommodation and activities can take days or weeks of research. It is also difficult to know which of those hundreds of options is really something special, and which are just average. Let us help you by taking over this time-intensive research. Let us suggest some really special places to stay, and the best of the best activities. Save yourself the time and energy and stress, and just focus on enjoying your holiday!!

We provide local support during your holiday – in both German and English

We have a Support Hotline in New Zealand that provides support and back-up should you have any problems or need any help while you are on holiday in New Zealand.  This support is available in both English and German.


The prices on the Koru Pacific Travel website are included to provide a guide as to the approximate price for travel per person, as set out in the respective package.  Prices do differ according to the season of travel, the standard of accommodation, the number of passengers travelling together, the airline requested, the type of car rented, any special offers available for the time of travel, and fluctuations in the exchange rate with the New Zealand Dollar.

We aim to give you a comprehensive quotation covering all expenses that you might incur on your trip so that there are no surprises and no hidden costs.



The Koru, which is often used in Maori art as a symbol of creation, is a spiral shape based on the unfurling fern frond of the native New Zealand silver fern.  Maori artists incorporate the koru into paintings, wooden carvings, bone carvings, sacred Maori buildings, and tattoos.

The koru’s circular shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement, while its inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin.  The koru therefore symbolises the way in which life both changes and stays the same.  The koru also symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.