DOC gets increased funding to support New Zealand’s wildlife and landscape

One of the major treasures of New Zealand is its stunning and unique wildlife, landscape and native bush. Given the growing attraction of this country for increasingly large numbers of tourists, the challenge is afoot for New Zealand’s government and its Department of Conservation to ensure that this treasure is maintained and protected. Sustainable tourism is essential, if New Zealand is to retain its beautiful natural environment.

New Zealand’s government has recently announced its 2018 Budget, which delivers a significant funding boost for the Department of Conservation, with an additional $181.62 million to be delivered to DOC over the next four years:

  • $81.28 million to help New Zealand’s unique wildlife thrive by controlling and eradicating predators
  • $16.24 million for strengthening DOC’s organisational capacity and capability
  • $5.5 million for managing the impacts of more visitors to public conservation land
  • $2.6 million for protecting plants, wildlife and landscapes in the Mackenzie Basin
  • $76 million as a contingency to fund biodiversity initiatives across land, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

It’s one of the biggest ever funding increases for the Department of Conservation and will benefit New Zealand’s distinctive native plants, wildlife and natural landscapes.

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